Mandibular Incisors, Cuspids, and Bicuspids

Dental Extraction Forceps for Lower Jaw

Two commonly used extraction forceps for the mandibular anteriors and bicuspids are

Dental Forceps No. 151

Forceps No. 151 are used primarily to extract mandibular anteriors, bicuspids, and roots and are often known as the mandibular universal forceps. These forceps are similar to the Dental Forceps No. 150 forceps except the beaks are set at an angle opposite to the slightly curved handles.

Dental Forceps No. 203

Dental Forceps No. 203 are used on mandibular anterior, bicuspids, and roots. These forceps are like the #101 (mentioned later), except the beaks are more sharply angled from the handles. Like the #101 handles, the #203 handles are straight (fig. 5-40).