- Dental Examination Kit

Dental Examination Kit

Dental Examination Kit

Medical Tools 06 Pcs Dental Examination Kit is compiled for students and professionals. Examination Kits contains all necessary tools to perform complete dental examination. All Tools are made from stainless steel and used by professionals.

We also makes custom design kits items to meet with specific needs of students and teachers. All tools are packed in Stainless Steel sterilization cassette.

Kit Includes:

  • Examination Mirror
  • Mariam Tweezers 16cm
  • College Tweezers 15cm
  • Williams Probe & Explorer
  • Explorer 11/12 ODU
  • Explorer 17/23
  • Free Stainless Steel Cassette 

Introductory Price, Limited Time Offer

Our price: $68.24 (62.10)
SKU: DIK-3002     Weight: 450.00 Gms

  • Guaranteed high quality production
  • Warranty against faulty material/workmanship
  • Certified conformity
  • 30 days money back guarantee

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